Nashville Murals

Hey y’all! So excited to be sharing with you some of my favorite Nashville Murals! Whether you’re from around here, or just in town visiting, I got you covered with the best of the best murals to see!

The famous I believe in Nashville Mural is located at 2702 12th Ave S, Nashville TN 37204. Make sure you stop at the cute little boutique on the corner there!

This Mural is across the street from the I believe in Nashville mural, so you can use the same address. Its really hard to avoid the shadows in this one, especially on a sunny day.

This is my favorite one, the famous lip mural. Super fun for Valentines Day as well! This is located at 1814 21st Ave S, Nashville TN 37212

This is one that not a lot of people know about, but I absolutely adore it! Its located at 1120 Fourth Ave N, Nashville TN 37208, also known as Germantown to the locals. There is a cute little boutique by this location as well!

This one is definitely different but I love the vibe it gives off! This one is located in the famous Gulch located at 302 11th Ave S, Nashville TN 37203.

A lot of the other famous ones including the butterfly wings, the be mine candy hearts, and the work of street art, are all located in the Gulch. Just use the address above. There is so much stuff to do at the Gulch so be prepared to stay a while! Be sure to send me all of your mural pictures!

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