Disney During Covid

If you’ve been on the fence about visiting Disney in the middle of a pandemic, hopefully this blog post will help ease your mind and help you make your decision. I was on the fence for months about taking the risk and going and I finally decided to just do it and I’m so glad I did. First off Disney goes above and beyond to make sure you and your family stay safe. Everyone two and older must wear a mask at all times in the park (minus the very few spots you can take your mask off to eat and drink only) i’ll talk about that later. Make sure you check Disneys website before you go to see the list of approved masks.

Not only does the park ensure everyone is masked up, but they also do a wonderful job making sure everyone stays 6 ft apart. All the lines in the stores, restaurants, rides, and shows has lines taped down reminding everyone to be 6 ft apart. I will say though during parades people definitely was not following the 6 ft rules.

Speaking of parades they have changed A LOT, so you never know when they will be ( I think its because they don’t want everyone to know the times and be crowded around waiting). Which btw does not work. You hear the music and everyones runs literally, BUT the parades are extremely short so you’re not actually crowded for long.

Each parade only has a handful of characters so they aren’t long at all compared to the typical Disney parades. Each park still has parades but they are super easy to miss, they come through multiple times a day so just always be on the lookout. Characters will still interact with you from a distance, but there is no touching or hugging. While at Hollywood Studios Pluto came up to Jax and knelt down and waved at him, Jax was so excited but didn’t understand why he couldn’t hug Pluto. That part is a bit difficult for your little ones to understand but he still was so excited to to see them all.

Disney is also doing a very good job at making sure all rides are disinfected and cleaned after each use. Lines are long so be prepared to wait, or get there early and go straight to the rides. Most are all running but some are currently closed for either refurbishment or because of covid.

The biggest change at Disney currently is all the shows, a lot of their biggest shows aren’t available currently because of Covid. They still have some shows which I’m thankful for! We got to see Mickeys Philharmagic, Disney Jr Dance Party, & Frozen’s Sing Along.

The worst part about it all is not being able to stroll through the park and snack on all the delicious treats. Luckily they do have a few designated areas in each park where you can take off your mask to eat and drink!

As far as restaurants go only a select few are open at each park, all of them you have to order ahead on the app so make sure you have the My Disney Experience App downloaded. The app will notify you when your food is ready, then you’re allowed to go in and get it and sit down to eat!

Please note that I did not stay in the park while we was there, so I’m no help with that. I do hope that this post will help make your decision easier! Cant wait to see y’all at Disney real soon!

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