Winterizing Your home

Winter is here and while it’s wonderful to snuggle up by a cozy fire with plush blankets and pillows you also want to make sure that the outside of your home continues to keep you and your family safe and dry this holiday season. One of the biggest pieces of advice is trying to do this in the fall to winterize your home in preparation for the coldest season. Proper winterization involves a systematic review of your home as well as a few critical structural and mechanical appointments. If you take care of these before the winter begins, you’ll be able to enjoy the snow in comfort and ease. Below are a few key areas of your home that you’ll want to take note of when you begin winterizing your home over the next few weeks, especially if you haven’t started. 

1. Cover The Windows – Have you tried to sleep during the night and kept feeling a draft near your bed? If you have inefficient windows, this is one of the biggest areas for losing heat in your home. Shield them with plastic sealing kits. If it’s a window that you might not use often, cover it with bubble wrap. This helps insulate and trap cold air pockets while also allowing lights to shine through and keep your mental health state smooth. It’s also a good idea to clean the tracks of any debris that might be interfering with seals as well.

2. Inspect The Roof: This is another big thing you’ll want to try and get done early. Do a quick check of the roof to prepare for the winter either by doing it yourself or hiring someone. You can inspect the shingles below to see if there are any missing or damaged that might need replacing. You also can look at the gutters and downspouts are clean with no leaves or debris clogging them. Wet leave remaining in the gutters over winter which can add significant weight and volume when frozen and can increase the risk of damage. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, hire a professional company to do the hard work for you. A reputable company called Greater American Roofing can help! They employ one of a kind service by assisting their customers every step of the way. From free inspection to installing a new roof, they act as consultants and help you save money in the process. This Louisville Roofing Contractor offers warranties for all their services and with over 25 years of experience, you’re sure to feel that they are there to help protect your home for future years to come.

3. Check Your Deck Area: Don’t forget to make sure your patio or deck area is ready for winter too! Cover any patio furniture that you have because this helps protect your furniture. If you have an area to store it, bring it indoors to store for the winter months. While it’s not necessary every year, you can also properly seal or stain your wooden deck as well. Clean or store any garden tools that you used during the spring. Make sure that these tools are free of dirt and stored in a dry location. Another thing is to clean and store your grill. You’ll want to thoroughly clean the grill and other barbecue equipment, cover it like your other furniture or store it in a safe dry area. 

4. Winterize Water Pipes: You want to make sure that your water supply pipes are especially susceptible to freezing in cold weather. And if your pipes burst from freezing, it can cause some of the most expensive repairs you’ll ever to make on your home. Exposed drain pipes can also occasionally freeze so you’ll want to look at them carefully. If you have any exposed pipes, such as in a crawlspace or an attic, you’ll want to make sure to insulate them at a minimum with foam insulating sleeves. You should also wrap them with an electrical heating tape too. 

I hope these tips help young your family winterize your home, remember to give Greater American Roofing a call for your free inspection!

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