How To Get Healthy Hair

Would you believe me if I told you I was a natural red head? Yep sure am! Ive been coloring my hair for ten years now! Im not gonna lie my hair has not always been the healthiest. It used to break off so bad when I first went blonde. I’ll show you some pictures below!

Talk about a throwback! These were from 2010 to 2015. In 2015 I finally stopped using my flat iron every single day and letting my hair air dry! This came with some amazing growth and my hair started to look much better. In 2019 my split ends were so bad I had to get it cut. I wish I had a before and after picture because it was insane. After getting it cut I HATED my short hair and knew I had to do something fast. I had always seen tips of people talking about how bad it is to wash your hair everyday, but I always thought “ew thats so gross” mind you, I have very oily skin so I used to go a day without washing and my hair was so greasy. I always washed my hair everyday, I was very strict with this, until that hair cut.

I finally told myself to just try it, so I went out and bought some dry shampoo and y’all my life was forever changed. In just TWO weeks I could already see a big difference in my hair, it was no longer greasy after one, even two, or three days without washing it. Its like my hair was now trained to be ok without washing it everyday. Not only was my hair super healthy but it was also growing super quick as well! Heres a picture of my hair growth in just two short months after only washing my hair once a week.

if I can give you any advice for your hair or even for going blonde its going to be this DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY! I don’t care how gross you think it is, it works and helps your hair so much. Of course don’t use hot styling tools on your hair everyday either. Use expensive hair products, not just shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks from the grocery stores either ladies! I promise you if my hair can do a complete 360 yours can too!

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