How To Decorate Your iPhone With The New Update

Everyone has been going crazy over this new update on the iPhone. IOS14 gives you the options for widgets and personalized apps for your wallpaper! Today on the blog I’m going to be sharing with you the easiest way to give your wallpaper an update! You can see mine here below

Ok first step to get your phone to look like mine is to download these three apps, widgetsmith, color widgets, and photo widgets.

So once you download those apps you are going to use widgetsmith first you have smallnwidgets, medium widgets, and large widgets. Now I personally never used large widgets, just small and medium. Once you decide which one you want to use just click on the icon and it will look like the image below.

Then you will click on the default widget and scroll until you see customaed it will give you the option for photo, you click that, the click on selected photo at the bottom of the screen. You can choose whatever photo you like from your album (I got mine from Pinterest.) Once you do that you will save it and it will number it like “widget number one”

To get the widget onto your wallpaper you just hold down any app on your phone and hit edit home screen, when the apps start shaking you will hit the plus sign in the upper left hand corner. You will then see a screen where you can search widgets, scroll to the bottom until you find widgetsmith and click on it. Now whether you used a small, medium, or large you select that widget and hit add. Your widget will then appear! Note you can have multiple widgets but it typically only shows the first one, just simply hold down the widget and then select edit widget to get the right widget where you want it. Typically its numbered rememberer, so if its your third widget you will select “widget three”.

Moving along to color widgets, this is where you will find the pretty calendars, time, and dates at. All you do is click on which one you want, customize, and save it. To get this onto your wallpaper you’re going too do the same thing you did to add your widget. Hold down an app, select edit app, click the plus sign and select color widget instead of widgetsmith and then just add it!

Now onto Photo Widget, I personally did not like using this so only used it for one picture. So this gives you the option to switch up your widget pictures evert five minutes to every five hours, I chose never. If this is something you would like it gives you the option to have 30 photos. This one is simple just hit the plus sign and add the picture or pictures you want to use. To get this onto your wallpaper you repeat the same steps as above but just select photo widget instead

Now moving along to how to change your app icons. Please note this takes time! First make sure you choose a cute background and have that screenshot, edited, cropped and ready to go. I found most of mine on Pinterest or google images. First you are going to go to the app shortcuts and select it, then you will click on the plus sign in the right hand corner.

You then will hit add action, then in the search bar you will type “open app” then click on the “i” to the right of the open app. Then you will click on the blue add to this shortcut. Then whatever app icon you are replacing you will type the name of the app and then select that app in the selected spot mine for instance was “Venmo”.

Then you will click on next then click on the three blue dots, Its gonna have you type in the name of the app again, then you will hit done. After that you will click on the three blue dots and then click on the icon in the left bottom corner, then hit choose photo, pick whichever photo you wanna use for that app and then hit add.

Once that is done your new app is ready for you and should be on your wallpaper, please make sure you move the original app to your app library, you can do that by dragging it all the way over to your right! I hope this was helpful and I would love to see how all of your wallpapers turn out! Don’t forget to send them to me!