Sleepy Tea

Does anyone else struggle with sleeping at night?! I’ve been a night owl all my life, and I’ve finally discovered something to help with that! IT WORKS Sleepy Tea is the perfect formulation to not only help you go to sleep, but also helps you to have a better sleep. Did you know that bad sleep can cause stress induced cortisol levels which is component in belly fat around the belly?! Make sure your body gets into the good REM sleep that we all crave with this tea! The benefits from drinking Sleepy Tea are Melatonin for restful sleep, healthy sleep patterns, magnesium which quiets nerves and relieves tension and stress (good or bad), chamomile to calm body and mind, relaxation herbs for the perfect healthy blend, and last but not least improved mood. Amazing right?! This sleepy tea is $49 for 15 servings, if interested just leave me a comment below and I will hook you up!


  1. Elyse August 17, 2020
  2. Kourtnie August 20, 2020