Platinum Blonde Hair Goals

I was born a natural red head and growing up I always hated my hair. I begged my mom for years to let me go blonde, finally at seventeen I had convinced her to let me get blonde highlights. Y’all please do not judge these pictures they are almost ten years old LOL.

You can see that it was a HUGE change, I loved my hair. I have been just highlighting my hair for 10 years now, about three years ago I had asked my stylist if I could go all blonde, he told me my hair was too damaged. I worked so hard on getting my hair healthy again which I did. I will write another blog post on that another day. About six months ago I decided I wanted to have that platinum blonde look everyone was after. Of course covid happened so I couldn’t get my hair done until May. I was so scared to tell him what I wanted, its like I already knew the answer before I asked. Of Course he said “it would be too damaging”. I left that day frustrated. I decided to go to Facebook and ask other peoples opinions , a lot of people kept mentioning a local stylist that specialized in platinum coloring. It was weeks before I finally got the guts to message her and make an appointment. This was the best decision I could’ve ever made, she literally changed my life y’all. Just look at my hair transformation

Amazing right? Moral of this blog post is don’t give up on your hair goals! You will achieve them and that perfect hair stylist for you is out there!


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