Adventures Of Potty Training

Anyone else in the season of potty training? Jax turned two in June and I insisted on potty training a week later. I figured it would be a long journey so I wanted to get started as soon as possible. The very first day I sat his potty I got him from Target linked here in the living room floor, I put a movie on and took his diaper off and sat him on his potty. Of course like any toddler he got bored and quickly got up. I decided to leave his diaper off, it wasn’t long until he started to pee. I quickly grabbed him and sat him on the potty and he finished peeing in there. Of course I acted all exited and told him when he needed to potty thats where you go and not in the floor. I also let him help me dump the pee out and wash it and it quickly became a new exciting game for him.

He would get so excited to dump and clean his potty I would find him like this just sitting and playing on his tablet waiting to use the bathroom again. This was only day three. I was so proud of him! I knew he understood the concept so I decided to introduce pull-ups to him. He didn’t quite understand that he had to pull them up and down. He was pulling them down after he had already used the bathroom in them. I then introduced him to The Potty Watch.

This watch is the greatest invention ever. You set a timer every thirty minutes to remind your child its time to use the potty. When the timer goes off it will play a song and they will know to sit on the potty and try to go. This helped Jax so much with pull-ups! You can purchase The Potty Watch here I wouldn’t say we are 100% potty trained, but at 25 months old we are so close! I hope this helps someone else on their potty training journey and don’t forget to subscribe!!!


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