Why I Started Blogging

A lot of you may wonder why and how I started blogging, so I’ve always loved writing, English has always been my favorite subject in school. While being on maternity leave with my son I decided I needed a hobby, so I started googling “hobbies for moms with a newborn”. I then came across moms who blog I immediately thought “omg this is the one” So I got on WordPress and started a blog! I was so excited but I knew I wanted more, in October I turned my Instagram into a business account and ever since then everything has fell into place. I never thought I would be the one to have my own “fan base” but I quickly learned how people was loving what I was posting, thats when I changed my blog into a life + style blog.

I have always loved fashion and unique styles! That is what really inspired me into creating this new blog website. I knew I had to come up with a brand, I kept thinking I wanted something that fit my style and my roots. Growing up in Kentucky, I have always been a true country girl at heart. I go hunting with my dad, I love to go mudding, I’m never scared to get dirty, I love country music and I’m not talking about todays country music, more like the 90’s country, I own eight pairs of cowgirl boots, oh and I love sweet tea.As you can tell I have a lot of southern roots, so thats how I came up with my brand and the name for this blog Southern Belle Danielle. I can’t wait to be sharing my style with all of you and inviting you all into my life. Please make sure you subscribe so you never miss a post babes! XOXO


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